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Cork Blocks & Strap

Premium Portuguese Cork | Premium Cotton Strap | Bio-degradable | Extremely Durable

$ 42(inclusive of all taxes)



Cork Blocks - Regal Soft yet supportive, ergonomic edges, just ten on ten on sturdiness and nonslip, our denser cork blocks have been engineered after thorough research on the issues faced by yoga practitioners around their wrists. Resolving all such issues, our performance grade yoga blocks support you to go deeper in your practices. Xtend Yoga Strap- Crimson Specially curated to reduce the muscle tension and increase flexibility, our vibrant colored, chic Ajrakh print cotton belt woven yoga strap is an accessory worth investing upon. Can be adjusted by shortening or lengthening it to suit your preferences of length. Powder coated metallic cinch buckle meets highest safety standards to be deployed for achieving flexibility.


Non Slip Tech




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MaterialBlocks : 100% sustainably harvested Portuguese cork, Strap : Ajrakh (hand-block) printed cotton
Dimensions & WeightBlocks : 3” x 5”x 9” | 700 gm (approx.) | 1.5 lbs, Strap : Length- 8’, Width- 1.4” | 200 gms | 0.4 lbs (approx.)
QuantityBlock comes in a pair of 2 with a strap

Product care

Always allow to air-dry after every use
Avoid using soap or detergent solutions
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Made For

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Yoga poses that require lift from ground-level, preventing wrist pain, helping achieve a secure-grip while lifting the body up. These certainly help in making yoga accessible to beginners and those experiencing some injury. Once can use these for providing support to the back, head and hips to help body settle into a pose. These can prevent shoulder blades from reaching too close to the floor. They can also be used for variations of advance lunges, splits, sun -salutation, and in restorative Yin-Yoga.

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