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5 Amazing benefits of cork yoga mat you never knew

14 April 2023

Why Choose Cork Yoga Mat?

In 100% of rapid fire rounds that I have played, people associate Cork with a wine bottle. Did you know that the use of cork to plug wine bottles is scientific? The cork allows a desirable percentage of oxygen to pass through in order to make the wine age perfectly.

It was never just aesthetics, you see! Neither is that with the Cork Yoga Mat.

The Cork Yoga Mat is growing in popularity for solid reasons beyond just the aesthetics (it definitely looks raw and classy). Yoga practitioners are considering this eco-friendly option with much enthusiasm. Before I get to the reasons for choosing Cork Yoga Mat, let me quickly tell you more facts about Cork as a material.


What Is Cork?

Cork is a sustainable, natural material made from the bark of cork oak trees. It is harvested once every 7 years.

1. Cork is porous and resilient.

2. Cork is naturally fire-resistant.

3. Cork is water-resistant and does not rot.

4. Cork is biodegradable and renewable, making it an environmentally friendly material to use.

5. Cork is also antimicrobial, making it a great choice for use in food service or healthcare and wellness applications.

6. Cork is lightweight yet strong, which makes it ideal for items that need to be moved often.


Some of these features make for an amazing Yoga Mat. Let’s see how.

Top 6 Benefits Of Ultimate Cork Yoga Mat

1. Sweat resistant and Epic Grip

With the water resistant feature, The Ultimate Cork Mat ensures its support for all hot, sweaty yoga sessions. While most rubber mats tend to become slippery as they get sweaty and humid, Cork Yoga Mat actually becomes better to grip as it gets wetter.

For everyone who practices high intensity Yoga sessions, this Cork Yoga Mat is a preferred choice owing to its sweat resistance and epic grip feature.


2. Naturally Antimicrobial

Yoga Mats are used on different surfaces and hence, exposed to a lot of bacteria and germs. A traditional yoga mat needs to be cleaned often to ensure that you don’t contract an allergy/infection from those bacterias. The Ultimate Cork Mat solves that with its superpower of being naturally antimicrobial. This means that the mat cleans itself and requires minimum maintenance from your end, making it a safer option to choose.

3. Earthy odor

A lot of us wish to be transported amidst nature as we practice the art of Yoga. The Ultimate Cork Mat grants this wish with its Earthy aroma.

Additionally, the antimicrobial feature ensures that the mat remains free of bad odor, enhancing the overall experience of Yoga practice.

Everyone who practices Yoga regularly knows how much this feature means, especially during Yoga pose where your nose is almost touching the mat.

4. Durable

Cork, as we learnt, is a sturdy material. It won’t leave you until you leave it!

5. Lightweight

Cork is a lightweight material, making the Ultimate Cork Mat ideal to carry around with ease. It’s not luggage, it’s your partner in well-being.

6. Sustainable

Did you know that the cork oak tree regenerates its bark after every harvest?

Another one, did you know that the harvested cork oak tree absorbs 5 times more carbon dioxide than their non-harvested fellows?

That makes The Ultimate Cork Mat 100% eco-friendly. The use of cork ensures safety for you, as well as safety for the planet.


The Ultimate Cork Mat serves as a win-win solution for nature and Yogis. Made of premium Portuguese cork, it is designed keeping Yogis in mind.

  • Ideal thickness of 5 mm and a superior cushioning for the comfort and protection of your joints
  • Perfect size of 6ft x 2ft to ensure you fit in perfectly
  • Features an easy to refer guide in form of markings for center, sides and alignment.

Looking to get the best ultimate cork mat online for your regular Yoga sessions? You have arrived at the right place. Do check The Ultimate Cork Yoga Mat online, meant to uplift the quality of Yoga sessions by a good margin.

Happy Asana time!