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Holiday Season Gifting Ideas: The Core Asana Edition

19 December 2022
Sahiba Rishiraj

Need a gift that others can use in their lives? Wishing to think beyond the ordinary gift ideas? Wanting to attain a level of thoughtful gifting that others cannot wait to receive presents from you?

We have curated a list of the most luxurious gifting options for the upcoming  holiday season.

Let your gifts speak volumes about how much the receiver matters to you. Be it your parents, your siblings, your spouse, your work colleagues, friends or even kids, premium wellness gifts make for an absolutely delightful addition to anyone’s lifestyle.

Come, let’s check out our top 5 recommended gift options.

Top 5 Wellness Gifting Ideas

1. AcuTech Acupressure Mat

It’s a gift you’ll want to present to everyone important in your life, including yourself!

AcuTech Mat has all the features to be called the perfect gift for the holiday season.

  • Is a mat, but behaves like an expert acupressure massager bringing in a plethora of health and wellness benefits such as reducing stress, improving blood circulation, relieving headaches,  promoting restful sleep, relieving muscle tension, and alleviating chronic body pains, amidst many more.
  • Looks classy. We know the looks are a big deal, especially while gifting. AcuTech Mat feels and looks premium.
  • Ideal for your parents, partner, colleagues or friends.

A gift that they would utilize and cherish all their life.

2. Your Everyday Yoga Mat

For all your friends practicing Yoga, this is the ideal gift to be presented. Trust us, once you gift them this Yoga Mat which, by the way is India’s 1st Hypo-Allergenic Mat, they are going to switch to it and make it a staple in their daily yoga routine. 

  • The Yoga Mat makes for an affluent gift option - comes in 4 different colors for you to choose from <insert color circles here?>
  • Adding to it, this makes for an eco-friendly gift. This way, you won’t just be gifting the person you care for, but also the planet.
  • Ideal for all age groups and there’s an exciting option below for the kids as well!

3. The Kid’s Yoga Mat

For kids, we highly recommend you check out The Kid’s Mat - a mini edition of The Everyday Yoga Mat, designed playfully for kids.

  • The Kid’s Mat looks extremely attractive (even to adults!) - the playful patterns and bright colors are a gravitational force.
  • Ideal to expose kids to benefits of Yoga and make them start early in life.

A gift that assures you of receiving love from kids as well as their parents!

4. Bolster - A Yoga Essential for Everyone

We totally love this bolster as a gift option. It’s like gifting a cushion of wellness wrapped in a cushion of warmth and care.

  • Looks premium - it can even be placed around in your yoga studio or your zen zone, additionally you can even place it in the living area when not in use as a Yoga accessory. This is going to complement the premium lifestyle that your friends/homies/colleagues lead.
  • The outer cover is made of organic linen and natural dyes, making it an eco-friendly choice of gift.
  • Ideal for prenatal yoga, restorative or yin yoga. Health and wellness enthusiasts are going to love it.

5. Eye Pillows

Eye pillows are our go-to gift recommendations for all holiday seasons. Holidays are meant to be relaxing and eye pillows serve that function better than everything else!

  • Comes in adorable prints, making these pillows not just a feel-good gift but also a look-good gift.
  • These pillows are a treat to the senses as they are enriched with aromatic dried lavender flower petals and flax seeds to soothe those eyes.
  • Serves utility for all age groups - who doesn’t like to calm their eyes after hectic work days (most of us are on screens all day, anyway!)

This makes for a wonderfully miraculous gift which people would surely fall in love with!

Well, we could go on and on and on…but these are our top 5 wellness gift recommendations that you should consider. Gifts that show you really do care!

For more health, wellness and Yoga related gift items, you can check out Core Asana. We love that these are all sustainable gift ideas, making them a preferred choice for all of us. Gift your loved ones the best! After all, they make your life the best.

Happy Holidays, from us to you and your loved ones. 

Stay happy and healthy!