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Eye Pillows: Simplest Self Care Tool for Deep Relaxation

20 July 2022
Ramit Negi

Core Asana Dried Lavender Petals and Flax Seeds Eye Pillow


In today's fast-paced world, a little self-care can make a big difference in how you feel, and eye pillows are an easy way to do that. Eye pillows are a treat to senses.

What is an eye pillow?

Eye pillows are soft pouches usually filled with flax seeds and enriched with aromatic herbs to soothe those puffy eyes after a hectic day. They can be placed over the eyes and forehead. 

What does an eye pillow do?

Eye pillows are not just for soothing tired eyes. Eye pillows are a simple yet powerful and accessible healing tool that can help in providing deep relaxation, improving quality of sleep and mood, and release tension.

The ergonomic shape contours the face and aromatherapy and light pressure of flax seeds do the rest for you. 

According to some studies, using an eye pillow for just 10 minutes per day can significantly reduce stress levels and help calm the body.

The science behind the eye pillow…

The flax seeds filling apply light pressure on key acupressure points around the eyes. Research shows that light pressure applied on the eyes can lower the heart rate, a phenomenon called the oculocardiac reflex.

Oculocardiac Reflex lowers blood pressure and heart rate to enhance relaxation and digestion. Exactly what you need before you go to sleep or to feel refreshed during the middle of a busy day.

The eye pillow gently presses against the eyelids, stimulating the vagus nerve (one of the cranial nerves that originates in the brain), sending calming messages down the back of the neck to the shoulders and chest, heart and stomach; allowing the mind and body to relax and to let go.

Core Asana Dried Lavender Petals and Flax Seeds Eye Pillow


Additional benefits of using eye pillow:

Eye pillows have the benefit of blocking out all light. By removing this visual stimulus, the brain receives a signal that it is time to calm down and relax.

Flaxseeds' gentle pressure on tired eyelids is accompanied by the aromatic effect of essential oils and herbs infused in the flax seeds. Research shows that inhaling essential oils such as lavender may help calm and rest the mind.

A slightly heated eye pillow helps in deep relaxation and it can be refrigerated for rejuvenation and recovery.

Relieves burning, itchy, and irritated eyes brought on by prolonged computer and television use. Calms the nerves, eases the mind, and restores physical equilibrium.

When to use an eye pillow?

  1. When you lie down to sleep, cover your eyes with the eye pillow. It will assist you in falling asleep quickly and ensuring uninterrupted sleep all night long.
  2. Use an eye cushion during Savasana or Yoga Nidra at the end of your yoga session. It can also be applied to restorative yoga to improve the practice.
  3. Whenever you experience tension, depression, or anxiety, an eye pillow can provide more stability.

How to use an eye pillow?

Use your pillow for relaxation, sleep, to calm your mind or to elevate your mood.

Lie down in a comfortable place. Close your eyes and allow the pillow's weight to firmly anchor you while easing your tension. 

Breathe, unwind, and discover your happiness. Reconnect with, and feel renewed and restored in the world.

Use a lavender eye pillow…

Use a lavender eye pillow to find relief from tension headaches, anxiety and sleeplessness. 

For a delightfully pleasant relaxation or to soothe dry eyes caused by a long day in front of a screen, reheat it in the microwave or oven. Cool it in the freezer to reduce heaviness and inflammation and the appearance of dark circles.

Everyday use of an eye pillow can significantly improve mood and relaxation. The light pressure used can naturally help us feel peaceful, relaxed, and rejuvenated by relieving stress and allowing us to simply be still and present in the moment.

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