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Yoga Blanket – A Versatile Yoga Prop

28 July 2022
Naman Gaur

Yoga Blanket and Cork Yoga Mat Core Asana

It’s a common observation in many yoga classes that students or practitioners will quickly start using blocks and straps, or other props. 

They don’t seem to be much interested in the yoga blankets though. Either they are not aware of its potential or underestimate its importance.

Yoga Blanket is a prop that appears simple but has numerous applications and can help make your yoga practice more comfortable and relaxing.

Yoga blankets have been around for a long time now because our ancestral yogis didn’t have those non-slip yoga mats.

How does a yoga blanket help?

The humble yoga blanket has a variety of uses throughout the class. It can deliver the right amount of softness and support to many different yoga poses.

  • Provides slight warmth during relaxation poses and meditation.
  • Provides cushioning for knees, elbows or any bony parts.
  • Provides seating supports in yoga poses and meditation.

How to use a yoga blanket in practice?

1. Gain height in seated poses

For a lot of people, it can be difficult to hold the spine neutral in seated yoga poses like the easy pose, half lotus pose or while seated for prolonged meditation.

Here is where the yoga blanket comes to the rescue.

Just fold the blanket and place it under your buttocks to elevate your hips. This helps in reducing pressure on the lower back, making it easier to hold the position for a longer time.

2. Use as a buffer for knees in kneeling poses

You can add extra cushion to kneeling postures using a blanket if you have sensitive knees or your yoga mat isn't supportive enough.

Just fold the blanket and place it under your knees in poses like Cat-Cow, Camel, Low Lunge, Child Pose etc.

3. Get extra warmth during Savasana or Meditation

This is the most common use of a yoga blanket. Just cover yourself with the blanket during Savasana and feel the bliss of warmth and coziness.

4. Use as substitute for common yoga props

Don' have a yoga bolster or blocks or a Zafu? Do not worry. Just fold or roll the blanket to replace other yoga props in poses that may require them.

For example, just fold the blanket to use it as a cushion to place it under your buttocks during meditation or The Easy Pose.

5. Use as support in restorative yoga poses

You can place the yoga blanket under your lower back or upper back, chest, shoulders, or calves.

This will make your restorative yoga practice more comfortable and you can focus on the more important part of yoga than just holding the position – your breathing!

Choose a high quality blanket

While choosing the blanket material, cotton is the best material for retaining shape and density while also being moldable enough to be used in a variety of ways. It’s also the softest material out there.

A synthetic, thin, fleecy blanket from a home furnishings store is inexpensive; it is not the best investment. It won’t give you the versatility that the cotton yoga blankets provide. 

Also, a cheap item means less sustainable production.

It’s wise to invest in a high-quality yoga blanket because it will enhance your yoga practice and will also keep you cozy and warm for years.