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09 April 2022
Deepanshu Mehta


A yoga block is still an unturned stone in the field of yoga, but any user of a yoga block will tell you that it's a stone worth lifting, turning and knowing for all it provides-

  • They help in deepening the stretch, staying centered during poses and align the body parts in the required posture. 
  • The yoga blocks help us in assessing and polishing our postures.

 Here is all that you must read to know how a block can help you-

  • While standing and sitting postures like pigeon pose and half-moon pose, your legs and sitting bones are embraced by the yoga block which helps you to retain balance and calmness
  • Align your legs and keep your feet in the direction of your head while you stretch your one hand and support the other by the assistance of a yoga block. Trust us, without the yoga block, the position is tougher than it seems. Don't believe us? Try it!
  • The hero pose, forward bends and other seated posture are known for its precision and the unapologetic balance required doing those asanas. Lots of yoga blocks' admirers have been humbled to attain these postures by the assistance of these natural, eco-friendly props.
  • The bridge and wheel pose will be rendered with a lot of support when practiced on a flipped yoga block.