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Cylindrical Bolster- Tuberose

Organic Linen Cover | Cotton Filling | Natural Dye | Reinforced Handle

$ 78(inclusive of all taxes)

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Shop Cylindrical Bolster Online

The wider diameter renders it a great choice for easing lower back during deep chest openings or back-bends. Horizontal use across shoulder blades supports upper back expansion. Vertical use around spine supports deeper chest opening. Reinforced seam fabric handle makes it absolutely portable.

Cotton Filling

Natural Dye

Organic Linen

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Tuberose Cylindrical Bolster
Outer Cover100% Linen
Inside MaterialCotton casing stuffed with finest cotton
Dimensions59 cm x 21.5 cm
Weight2 kg | 4.4 lbs (approx.)

Product care

Just glide the lint roller over the casing to catch fibre strands if any
Removable cover can be machine washed in cold water over delicate cycle
Tuberose Cylindrical Bolster Online

Made For

Tuberose Cylindrical Bolster Online

An absolute fix for complex poses. When placed under back, keeps spine perfectly aligned. Working wonders on pectoral muscles that often remain tight during Yin Yoga.

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