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Violet Mandala Mini Rectangular Bolster Online
Buy Mini Rectangular Bolster
Buy Mini Rectangular Bolster Online
Violet Mandala Mini Rectangular Bolster

Mini Rectangular Bolster- Violet Mandala

Cotton Fabric | Finest Buckwheat Hulls Filling | Natural Dye | Reinforced Handle

$ 48(inclusive of all taxes)
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Shop Rectangular Bolster Online

Our Mini Yoga bolsters are mini in size and max on output. We bring you a versatile yoga accessory that may help you increase your stretch and ease the strain over your muscles. A must-have for the beginners with limited mobility as it provides additional support throughout each posture. Comes with an easy to carry stitched-in fabric handle.

Cotton Fabric

Natural Dye


Shop Rectangular Bolster Online


Buy Mini Rectangular Bolster
Outer Cover100% cotton
Inside MaterialCotton casing stuffed with finest buckwheat hulls
Dimensions40 cm x 20 cm x 10 cm
Weight2 kg | 4.4 lbs (approx.)

Product care

Just glide the lint roller over the casing to catch fibre strands if any
Removable cover can be machine washed in cold water over delicate cycle
Shop Rectangular Bolster Online Online

Made For

Shop Rectangular Bolster Online Online

It helps in Supporting back-bends, child pose, and elevated legs up the wall. Also for stimulating metabolism with poses that fold or twist the abdominal muscles. Independent, at-home practices-when it’s hard to retain a posture, our mini bolsters are a handy help!

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