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Shop Ivory Cotton Blanket  Online

Cotton Blanket- Ivory

Undyed Cotton | Feather Touch Feel | Hand Woven | Breathable

$ 48(inclusive of all taxes)
Ivory Cotton Blanket


Ivory Cotton Blanket

Our hand-woven cotton blanket with flat selvage edges is a supportive yoga prop for shavasana. The tight weave, lint-free and feather touch feel makes our blanket absolutely dependable for various yoga postures. Folding the blanket and seeking the required thickness one needs for cushioning knees is a massive count upon of our yoga blankets. The classy and cozy feel make ours a ten on ten.


Natural Fiber

Un Dyed

Ivory Cotton Blanket


Buy Ivory Cotton Blanket
Material100% undyed cotton
Dimensions150 cm x 200 cm
Weight1 kg | 2.2 lbs (approx.)

Product care

Mild detergent can be used to wash it. Machine wash in cold water over a delicate cycle at 30 degrees
Air dry recommended over spin dry to keep it soft and strong for long
Ivory Cotton Blanket

Made For

Ivory Cotton Blanket

Providing slight warmth during relaxation poses and meditation. Increasing support along with other props in yoga poses that may require a little extra elevation of knees, elbows, shoulders or back. Aids animal pose, low lunges and side forearm plank. Getting you rid of crackling sounds and extra weight on knees during limb bend.

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