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The AcuTech Mat

Say Goodbye to Back Pain Permanently!



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Pain & Stress ReliefThe AcuTech Mat

The AcuTech Mat

Advance acupressure-therapy mat for everyday pain relief

Eases Muscle Stiffness

Relieves Back Pain

Induces Quality Sleep

Calms Stress

Asparagus Green
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Color: Asparagus Green

Expert Support

1 Year



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Who Should Try
AcuTech Mat?

Chronic Back & Neck Pain Sufferers

Those Engaging in Physical Activity

Corporate Workers Sitting Long Hours

Fatigued Mothers Facing Body Pain

Relieve Back Pain Naturally

Quick Relief Assured

Daily usage helps experience faster results

Safe & Effective

Safe for all ages, adjustable intensity as per comfort

Built to Last

Detachable Curved Panel

Unzip to place under curved areas for deeper stimulation.

Medically Certified Plastic Spikes

Tested sharpness for maximum effectiveness, safe for skin!

How AcuTech Mat works?

Take Charge of Your Spinal Health!

Relieve Cervical

It releases pressure from cervical spine to reduce strain, stiffness & melt-away muscle knots

Get Rid of Back Pain

With AcuTech, Instantly reduce your chronic pain to regain mobility of the lower back & tailbone area

Relax Painful Muscles

AcuTech relieves muscle tension & strain by increasing circulation in numb, affected zones

Recommended by Medical Experts

Research studies prove that acupressure therapy boosts your blood flow & helps in relieving body pains by reducing inflammation & releasing endorphins.

Doctors recommend daily usage of AcuTech mat for 20-mins to improve circulation, and overall muscle & spinal health.

Dr. Deepak Tyagi

Senior Physiotherapist & HOD, Noida


Found Relief
in Neck Pain &
Cervical Issues


Noticed Quick
Reduction in
Chronic Back Pain


Felt it Releases Pressure from
Lower Spine


Observed Overall Spinal Health Improving

Take the 21 Day Challenge!

+10K People

It may take a while getting used to something new in your routine, but if you promise to use the AcuTech Mat for 21 days daily, your relaxed muscles will help you sleep deeper & feel better. That’s Our Promise to You!

AcuTech Mat


Other Pain Relief Tools


Long Lasting Pain
Relief Guaranteed

Targets Root Cause
of Problem

Does Not Use

Zero Side Effects

USD 115

15% OFF

only USD 98

*One-time Investment

Only Temporary Relief with Pain Coming Back

Numbs Pain Sensation for a Short Time

Releases Harmful Heat Radiations

Adverse Side Effects
on Liver & Skin

INR 10,000+

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Fight STRESS & unlock deep RELAXATION with our technically designed MASSAGE mat that uses the science of Acupressure to promote blood flow. With mere 15 minutes on the mat, be rest assured to wake up REFRESHED & ENERGETIC.

  • Effectively targets muscle tension
  • Headrest for supreme comfort
  • Detachable design for convenient use

Advance Heat Fusing Technology

Coconut Filling

Neck Support

Made for


After a strenuous round of workout, spending some time on AcuTech mat relieves sore muscles


AcuTech mat can be used to warm up muscles before practice or to restore after


The anxiety of studying can be relieved with sitting on the AcuTech mat to help de-stress

Working professionals

Hectic work hours can be painful for our body. Unwinding on AcuTech mat can put us at ease


Know AcuTech better

It is recommended to use AcuTech Mat for 15-20 minutes daily to notice effective results. You will be able to feel benefits within the first few minutes of the massage; initially a sensation of warmth is felt in the skin and after 15 minutes, you experience a sense of relaxation & pain-relief. You will start noticing long term benefits after using it regularly for 2 weeks.

On an average, the total spine length is 71 cm in males and 61 cm in females. The length of AcuTech Mat is 82 cm, thus it allows maximum exposure of the spinal chord to the specially designed round-spiky massagers.

The first panel of the AcuTech Mat has an elevated headrest which is designed to massage the cervical region. You can therefore adjust your position on the headrest according to the curvature of your neck and you’re good to go! (Every AcuTech mat comes with a GUIDE that has all positions mentioned to help you effectively use the AcuTech mat).

An AcuTech massage can be very effective in alleviating back pain. The round spiky massagers stimulate acupressure points to help reduce inflammation and ease muscle-tension, thus relieving pain with regular uses.

If you have very sensitive skin and are just starting out with an AcuTech mat, it is recommended that you lie on it with a thin layer of clothing for about 5-10 minutes to gradually develop familiarity with the sensation. As and when your skin gets used to it - you can begin using it bare skin for about 15 minutes.
Note: You will notice your skin turning red with the traces of the round spikes, this is completely normal and would disappear within 20 minutes of using the mat.

With aging, the outer layer of skin (epidermis) thins, making it more sensitive. The AcuTech Mat may feel slightly uncomfortable to older people if they are not used to the sensation of the round spiky massagers. Thus, it is recommended to place a linen cloth or cotton t-shirt between the mat and body and limit the sessions to 7-10 minutes.

No, the AcuTech Mat does not require electricity. It is a completely natural means of therapy. This makes it easily portable and simple to be used anywhere, anytime.

Yes, we ship globally on nominal shipping charges. We offer COD and FREE shipping Pan India.

Yes, acupressure massages are scientifically proven to relieve pain in your neck, back, lower back, head, feet, etc. During acupressure massages, the body warms up and blood circulation gets increased to the affected areas. This in-turn allows the nervous system to release natural pain-killers (endorphins), relieving YOU of all muscle tensions and pains.

The AcuTech Mat is specially recommended for insomnia patients as it instantly relaxes the body, calms tension, clears the mind and helps fall asleep faster. Use it regularly for 15 minutes before going to bed and notice significant improvement in your sleep cycle & the quality of sleep. However, it is not recommended to sleep on it as one may get hurt in an unconscious state.
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Improved cervical issues in 15 days of use

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